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7-7-0 Energy Management


NUMBER:  7-7-0          APPROVED DATE:  01-21-2014

LEGAL AUTHORITY:  S.C. CODE ANN. §§48-52-610 TO 630

Trident Technical College is committed to supporting and adding emphasis to its energy management and conservation initiatives.  Trident Technical College will strive to: 

  • Reduce energy costs, eliminate waste, and conserve energy resources by using energy-efficient and cost-effective technology.
  • Incorporate energy efficiency into the decision-making process during the design and acquisition of facilities, equipment and transportation systems emphasizing the use of renewable energy sources.
  • Promote vehicle energy efficiency and reduce petroleum consumption through emphasis on fuel efficient use, operation and maintenance of fleet vehicles.
  • Increase energy efficiency through capital investment and improved operations.
  • Recognize and promote individual and organizational achievements in conserving energy, advancing campus and departmental energy policy, and obtaining monetary savings.