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7-0-1 Maintenance


NUMBER:  7-0-1          APPROVED DATE:  10-12-1999


PURPOSE: To establish responsibility for routine and preventative maintenance as well as hazardous or emergency conditions which may lead to personal injury, college liability and/or property losses.

  1. The Director of Facilities Management is responsible for completing all routine and preventative maintenance; the Director is also responsible for correcting all emergency or hazardous situations.
  2. The Director of Facilities Management will:
    1. Review and evaluate work order requests from departments throughout the college and specify approximate completion dates based on urgency, manpower and other recourses available, and scheduled workload.
    2. Schedule and accomplish routine and preventative maintenance activities required.
    3. Respond to emergencies as required.
    4. Procure materials and supplies as needed to accomplish required activities.
  3. Major projects, renovations or proposals will be forwarded to the Vice President of Finance and Administration for inclusion in the proposed permanent improvement plan and the College budget, which are approved annually by the President and cabinet.

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Reviewed: 02-25-2016