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7-4-1 Physical Facilities, Use by Outside Agencies

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Area Commission
  3. Information Technology
  4. Plans and Analysis
  5. Marketing
  6. Financial Affairs
  7. Facilities Management

    7-0-1 Maintenance

    7-0-3 Buildings, Interior Structures and Furnishings, Color Schemes

    7-0-4 Designated Smoking Areas

    7-4-0 Physical Facilities Use by Outside Agencies

    7-4-1 Physical Facilities, Use by Outside Agencies

    7-4-2 Physical Facilities: Campus Events With Alcoholic Beverages

    7-5-1 State Mail Services

    7-6-1 Vehicle Management

    7-7-0 Energy Management

    7-7-1 Building Energy Management Program

  8. Human Resources and Employee Relations
  9. Development
  10. Procurement and Inventory Control
  11. Auxiliary Enterprises and Printing Services
  12. Public Safety
  13. Division of Education
  14. Intentionally Left Blank for Future Use
  15. Intentionally Left Blank for Future Use
  16. Admissions and Registrar
  17. Student Services

NUMBER: 7-4-1 APPROVED DATE: 07-19-2005


PURPOSE The purpose of this procedure is to outline the processes, restrictions, and terms of use of college facilities by external organizations.


  1. The first step in the request process is to complete the College’s online Facilities Request Form.  
  2. The College President is ultimately responsible for the use of any college facilities. For practical purposes, the College President delegates authority to the Director of Conference Services who will solely be responsible for:
    1. Reviewing and approving all external use of facilities;
    2. Determining the appropriateness and availability of facilities;
    3. Scheduling events and use of facilities;
    4. Ensuring compliance with college policies and procedures and consistency with the college’s mission and values.

    The President and/or Director of Conference Services may seek the input of various Cabinet members in determining whether to justify external use of facilities, or reaching other decisions pursuant to such use.

  3. After each request has been reviewed, Conference Services staff will notify the requester regarding facility availability and coordinate all event details.
  4. If catering is required, the requester must coordinate the catering arrangements with Conference Services staff.  The College’s designated caterer must be used.  Events presented by the Trident Technical College Foundation are exempt from this provision.  The Foundation may use alternate caterers based on discussions with the College's caterer.
  5. Conference Services staff will confirm an event after the external group signs the Facilities Use contract.


  1. The College will not provide facilities to any agency or organization that plans to conduct training or educational programs that conflict with the College’s course offerings.
  2. The College will not provide facilities to any agency or organization whose mission, policies, rules, and regulations conflict with those of the College.
  3. The College will not provide facilities to any group that advocates violence.
  4. The College is unable to provide facilities for regular recurring meetings for any agency or organization.
  5. Facilities may be used for political meetings and other campaign related purposes provided full rental/use fees are charged.
  6. Organizations renting college facilities must conduct activities that are orderly; lawful; not of a nature to incite others to disorder; not restrictive due to race, creed color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or age.
  7. Rights are reserved by the Trident Technical College Area Commission and/or the President to revoke permission for external use of buildings and facilities, without liability, should such action be deemed necessary.
  8. Parking on college campuses is limited and is subject to all parking regulations.  A contract granted for room use does not convey special parking consideration; neither does it guarantee that a specific number of parking spaces will be available.
  9. An external group that sponsors a campus activity involving children (individuals under age 18) must submit release of liability forms and evidence of insurance coverage to Conference Services staff.
  10. External groups or individuals approved to use college facilities may not imply or represent themselves as being associated with the College. The use of the college’s facilities by external groups or individuals does not constitute the College’s endorsement of group or individual activities.  Promotional material and   press releases must be worded so that the event sponsor and its telephone number are clear to the general public.  Wording must also state that the event is being held at, but not sponsored or endorsed by, the College. Conference Service staff must approve all event advertising.
  11. Weapons, firearms, and illegal drugs are prohibited on campus.
  12. Alcoholic Beverages are permitted in accordance with TTC Procedure 7-4-2.
  13. Animals are not permitted on campus except to assist persons with disabilities and in accordance with TTC Policy 12-1-9.  
  14. Conference Services staff must approve all artwork and decorations prior to the function. No holes may be drilled or punched into the walls.  Decorations, signs, banners, decals, stickers, etc. may not be nailed, tacked, stapled, taped, or otherwise fastened to any walls, doors, ceilings, columns, equipment, or exteriors. Glitter and confetti are also prohibited.  The user is responsible for removal/repair costs if College property is damaged.  Events presented by the Trident Technical College Foundation are exempt from this provision.  The Foundation will work with Conference Services staff to ensure acceptable facilities use.


A college representative will be on site during scheduled activities at all campuses.   Conference Services staff will determine the need for the presence of Public Safety for events.  If Public Safety presence is provided at the request of the customer, or determined necessary by the College, this may incur additional charges.  


The College reserves the right to cancel any reservation should its internal needs require the use of the facility.  Full reimbursement of fees paid in advance will be made if the College must cancel an event.

Cancellations by external individuals or organizations will result in forfeiture of a portion of rental fees.


The President of the College must approve in writing any exceptions to this procedure.


 The following rental guidelines for use by TTC employees shall clarify responsibilities, consolidate and centralize College rental spaces in order to provide better customer service as a “one stop shop,” standardize prices and billing, ensure effective marketing, and ensure a quality experience for customers.

  • Spaces designated for public rental shall be centrally managed by TTC Conference Services.  The only exception is that space rental for film and television purposes shall be coordinated by the Dean of Film, Media & Visual Arts.
  • All spaces available for public rental shall be listed on the College’s Conference Services webpage.
  • All rental fees shall be collected by TTC Conference Services in the form of company check, cashier’s check, money order, or credit card.  Cash payments are not accepted.  Credit card preferred.
  • All rental contracts shall utilize the appropriate space rental agreement.
  • All rental requests shall be made to the Director of Conference Services who shall coordinate as necessary with the appropriate “owner” of the space.
  • Onsite event supervision of the following spaces shall be managed by the Director of Conference Services:
    • All College Center spaces
    • Building 1000 – Aviation Briefing Room, Skyview Briefing Room, Conference Room 206
    • Building 970 – Conference Room 323, Rooftop terrace
    • Building 920 –Room 791
    • Thornley Campus – outdoor spaces and designated classrooms
    • Palmer Campus – Culinary Institute space, parking lot
  • Onsite event supervision of the following spaces shall be managed by the following individuals or their designee (exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis upon approval from the President):
    • Campus Dean: Mt. Pleasant Campus - classrooms
    • Campus Dean: Berkeley Campus - classrooms and Live Oak Conference Room, Library
    • Campus Dean:  Dorchester Campus - classrooms
    • Dean of Film, Media, & Visual Arts: Building 950 - Small Theatre

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