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1-1-2 Policies & Procedures Manual Revision Process

Manual Revision Process

Trident Technical College's (TTC) Internal Auditor oversees the TTC Policy and Procedure revision process. TTC maintains a schedule by which Cabinet members are responsible for the review of their respective divisional policies and procedures at least once every five years. The Internal Auditor manages this process.  Cabinet members should continually review all their divisional policies and procedures and must request that the Internal Auditor delete the following from the College Policies and Procedures Manual: unnecessary policies and procedures, departmental operating procedures and, policies and procedures which duplicate those found in the SBTCE Policy and Procedure Manual.  The SBTCE Policies and Procedures Manual is accessible from the TTC website. While it is primarily the Cabinet member's responsibility to maintain accurate policies and procedures, the Cabinet member may designate a departmental representative to be the policies and procedures contact person.   With the exception of policies and procedures related directly to and only to the Internal Audit Department, the Internal Auditor can not write or revise policies and procedures, but he/she can make recommendations for policy and procedure changes and/or implementation as part of audit report recommendations.  Reaffirmations, proposed additions, deletions and changes (hereafter referred to simply as "revisions") require the following process:


  1. If the Cabinet member prefers to discuss the revision during Cabinet meeting, he/she may add the policy and/or procedure to a cabinet meeting agenda.  After Cabinet approval, the Cabinet member is responsible for routing the procedure to the Internal Auditor who will review the procedure and follow-up with the cabinet member regarding any questions or concerns before updating the procedure on the College’s policies and procedures webpage.
  2. If the Cabinet member does not seek Cabinet discussion, he or she may send the proposed revision directly to the Internal Auditor who will route the proposed revisions to Cabinet members via email.  
  3. Cabinet members then review the proposed revision and respond with comments to the Internal Auditor who synthesizes feedback, finalizes discussion points and questions, consults with appropriate personnel, and, if necessary, brings the proposed change(s) back to Cabinet for discussion before making the final revisions.
  4. After final approval of procedures, the Internal Auditor updates the procedures on the policies and procedures webpage.   
  5. In addition to receiving Cabinet approval, all policies, new and revised, must receive approval from the full Area Commission.  After cabinet approval, the appropriate Cabinet member must request that the proposed policy change be added to the Area Commission bi-monthly meeting agenda, and is responsible for presenting the proposed policy revisions at the meeting.  The proposed revisions become official upon approval of the full Area Commission. The responsible Cabinet member informs the Internal Auditor of the Area Commission approval. The Internal Auditor updates the policy on the policies and procedures webpage.
  6. After making revisions, the Internal Auditor will ask the designated contact person to review the policy/procedure on the webpage to verify its accuracy. After verification of accuracy the Internal Auditor provides notice of the revision to the College community via the weekly Monday Edition.   
  7. After approval of all new policies and procedures, the Internal Auditor is responsible for having them authenticated by the President.
  8. All policy and procedure information must be maintained in the individual policy/procedure history file permanently. 

Note:  The following policies require annual reaffirmation by the Area Commission:

2-18-0    Mission Statement (Mission, Vision, Values, Role and Scope) Operational and Strategic Goals

8-1-0      Affirmative Action

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