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Student Organizations

Get involved! Enrich your learning experience by participating in one of TTC’s student organizations.

These organizations offer academic, professional and community activities. Student and organization achievements are recognized annually at the Awards Day ceremony. Visit the Student Life office or call 843-574-6012 for more information.

If your interests are in an area that is not represented by the current organizations listed below, you may want to consider forming a new student organization. You can find more information about student organizations in the student portal at

Student organizations currently listed in the Student Life office include:

Alpha Mu Gamma Nu Lambda Chapter

This organization strives to recognize achievement in the field of foreign languages; stimulate a desire for linguistic attainment; encourage an interest in the study of foreign languages, literatures, cultures, and civilizations; and foster sympathetic understanding of other peoples and international friendship.

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

This organization strives to develop a better understanding of the nature and functions of information technology; promote sound general principles in information technology; and study technical methods with a view to their improvement and equipment related to information technology. Other goals include to disseminate all fundamentally sound principles and methods of information technology; supply members with information of the most current methods and assist them in solving their individual problems; and foster among students a better understanding of the vital business role of information technology.

Campus Crusade for Christ 

Campus Crusade for Christ is a non-denominational, student-led Christian organization seeking to provide a spiritual environment for students, faculty and staff.

Champions for Change

This organization’s mission is to serve and act on behalf of the needs, rights and well-being of communities and families, and to promote and support the values of professionalism, service, scholarship and leadership.

Clemente Coalition

The purpose of the Clemente Coalition is to enrich the collegiate experience by promoting knowledge, honesty, self-expression and creativity while supporting the missions of the Clemente Program and TTC.

Criminal Justice Student Association

This association strives to become familiar with the overall objectives of the criminal justice system, help members improve their professional performance, and observe related law enforcement activities as practiced by the criminal justice system.

Early Childhood Development Club

The purpose of the Early Childhood Development Club shall be to serve and act on behalf of the needs, rights and well-being of all young children. To encourage the study, interpretation, and improvement of their education and general well-being and to cooperate with, support and promote activities with other groups having compatible purposes. It is also our desire to align ourselves with organizations (such as SCAEYC and SCECA) who offer membership opportunities, promoting continuous professional growth and in the field of early childhood. By providing activities, promoting volunteerism and optional membership choices in professional educational organizations, our club will assist the serious and dedicated student to develop leadership qualities and academic skills that will benefit the students in future endeavors.

Filmmakers Unanimous

The purpose of Filmmakers Unanimous shall be to provide students with the progressive learning in regards to Film Production, while earning school credit and on-set experience in preparation for future jobs and opportunities and also allow students to make short films of their choosing with professional means, seeking a vision of their choosing from pre-production to post-production and after.

Fitness Lifestyle Initiative

The purpose of the Fitness Lifestyle Initiative organization is to provide service to the college and community, engender a keen interest in fitness, and develop knowledge of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

Hospitality and Culinary Student Association

This organization acquaints members with basic concepts and philosophies of sales and marketing in the hospitality industry, especially as it relates to the operational subjects being studied.

International Club

The International Club promotes good will and understanding, develops character, cultivates friendship, and assists international students in their academic skills and daily life adjustment.

Japanese Anime Educational Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide service to the college and community, engender a keen interest in and understanding of Japanese anime and manga, and promote enjoyment of the same. It will assist serious, dedicated students to develop leadership qualities and academic skills that will benefit them in future endeavors.

Lex Artis Paralegal Society

This organization promotes fellowship and provides a networking facility among all students and alumni of the Trident Technical College Lex Artis Paralegal Program.

Lowcountry Aviation Maintenance Association

The Lowcountry Aviation Maintenance Association promotes safety, knowledge and dignity in the aviation profession.

Pharmacy Technician Association

The purpose of the Pharmacy Technician Association is to provide service to the college and the community, engender a keen interest in pharmacy, develop a sound understanding of pharmacy, and promote the enjoyment of pharmacy.

Phi Theta Kappa

PTK is an international honor society for two-year colleges that promotes scholarship, develops character and cultivates fellowship among students.

Physical Therapy Assistant Association

This organization strives to develop exposure in the professional environment of physical therapy.

Radiologic Technology Association

The purpose of this organization is to promote scholastic excellence, develop character and make others aware of the radiologic profession as a service to the students of TTC.

Respiratory Care Association

The purpose of this organization is to promote scholastic excellence, develop character, and make others aware of the respiratory therapy profession.

Roots and Shoots

This organization strives to foster respect and compassion for all living things, promote understanding of all cultures and beliefs, and inspire each individual to take action to make the world a better place for the environment, animals and the human community.