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Academic and Financial Aid Appeals

Fall 2018

The Student Appeal System will open for Fall Full and Fall 1 appeals on Monday, July 16.
Fall 1 and Fall Full Appeal and Documentation Deadline: Friday, Aug. 17 at 6 p.m.

Fall 2 Student Appeal System Opens (for students enrolling in Fall 2 only): Tuesday, Sept. 3
Fall 2 Appeal and Documentation Deadline: Friday, Oct. 12 at 6 p.m.

Review all instructions below before logging into the Student Appeal System. 

  • Prepare your extenuating circumstance and resolution statements for each semester you did not successfully meet Standards of Academic Progress before you log into the Student Appeal System.
  • Save your documentation on your computer or on a jump drive before logging into the Student Appeal System. You upload your documentation as part of the appeal system process.
  • Read the documentation section below to understand what represents qualifying documentation.
  • Students currently enrolled are unable to appeal until the end of the current semester after the college posts grades and completes (SAP) Standards of Academic Progress processes run for Academic and Financial Aid.
  • Currently enrolled students will receive an email in their my.tridenttech.edu portal email account about their SAP status at the end of the full semester.
  • Students who need to change a currently approved Financial Aid Improvement/Graduation Plan for Change of Major or change credit hours per term/semester must request to appeal their current Financial Aid plan by emailing AppealsCommittee@tridenttech.edu or calling 843.574.6393.

Changes to an Approved Appeal Graduation/Improvement Plan

Students with an approved graduation/improvement plan must follow the approved plan exactly. If not followed, students risk losing their financial aid for the next semester. Changes to a plan that require a new appeal include:

  • Changing from one program of study to another
  • Changing approved credit hours for each semester to either fewer or more credit hours
  • Changing the amount of approved semesters

Students requesting to change their approved plan must submit a new appeal when the appeal system opens for the next semester.  

Appeal Process   

Students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to remain enrolled and/or eligible for financial aid. TTC measures academic and financial aid standards of progress independently of each other. This may result in a student having a different SAP status for academic than financial aid.

Before logging into the Student Appeal System, confirm which type of appeal to file – Academic Suspension or Financial Aid Ineligible (or both). Students on both Academic Suspension AND Financial Aid Ineligible must submit two separate appeals – one for Academic Suspension and one for Financial Aid Ineligible. It is possible to receive approval for one appeal type and not the other when appealing both Academic Suspension and Financial Aid Ineligible.

Definition of an Extenuating Circumstance
The definition of an extenuating circumstance for an appeal is a sudden, uncontrollable event that adversely affected your academic performance. Examples include serious illness, death in the family, family emergency, financial or personal catastrophe, natural disaster, divorce, victim of serious crime, military orders and mandated work schedule changes.

Issues that do not meet the definition of an extenuating circumstance include lack of transportation, roommate problems, incompatibility with faculty, difficult course load, dislike of a course or textbook concerns.

Academic Appeal

  • Academic Suspension is the only academic standing that requires an appeal.
  • At the end of each semester after the college posts all grades, check your student portal email account at my.tridenttech.edu for a message from the Registrar’s office about your academic standing.
  • Your academic status depends on both your semester and cumulative GPA.

Financial Aid Appeal

  • Appeal if your financial aid status is Ineligible.
  • At the end of each semester after the college posts grades, check your student portal email account at my.tridenttech.edu for an email from Financial Aid about your financial aid eligibility status.
  • Other ways to check your financial aid SAP status:

Login to my.tridentech.edu>Financial aid Status by Semester
Login to my.tridenttech.edu>My Financial Aid
Login to my.tridenttech.edu>My SAP Manager

  • If your financial aid status is Ineligible, you have the option to appeal unless you have received three denials from the TTC Appeals Committee since Fall 2016.
  • Follow all steps below for a financial aid appeal:

1. Prepare the two-part appeal statement BEFORE logging into the online appeal system to save time. There is a 1,000-character limit for each part.

Part One: Explain what happened:
What prevented making satisfactory progress?

Part Two: Explain what has changed:
How are the circumstances now resolved?

2. Financial aid appeals include completing an Academic Plan in the appeal system to confirm your ability to make satisfactory progress.

      • If Ineligible due to maximum hours, the Academic Plan must include all semesters needed to graduate.
      • If ineligible due to GPA and/or Pass rate, the Academic Plan must include all semesters needed to return to Satisfactory standing.

3. Submit qualifying documentation that verifies an extenuating circumstance existed during unsuccessful semesters.

  • A personal statement from a relative or the student or a copy of your appeal statement is NOT qualifying documentation.

Documentation Requirements for Academic and Financial Aid Appeals

Documentation must:

  • Relate to the semesters when you did not meet SAP standards.
  • Match the timeframe of the semesters of unsatisfactory SAP progress.
  • Be qualifying documentation from a third party. Examples of qualifying, third-party documentation are from a doctor, employer, military, etc. that sufficiently describes and identifies dates on the organization's official letterhead.
  • Confirm resolution of the circumstances that prevented success.

A letter from the third party is much more effective.

Examples of appropriate documentation:

  • Hospital/medical records (not billing statements)
  • Letter from doctor on office letterhead
  • Complete court documents
  • Police reports
  • Funeral bulletins/obituaries/death certificate (only if your name appears in the document)
  • Letter from employer on company letterhead (if a mandated work change)

Always write your name and student ID number in the right-hand, top corner of documentation to avoid inability to match a file to an appeal!


  • After you submit your online appeal, you will receive a confirmation email in your student portal email account.
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, then you timed out of the appeal system and must log back in to complete and submit your appeal.

Important Reminders

Submitting qualifying documentation is your (the student’s) responsibility!

The Appeal Committee:

  • Reviews the documentation provided.
  • Will not contact anyone you mention in your appeal; your qualifying documentation should come from an official third party.
  • Considers the student’s entire academic and appeal history, including the most recent semester.
  • Does not review any appeals without documentation. Appeals without documentation are incomplete.
  • Emails the decision to the student’s my.tridenttech.edu email account.
  • Decisions are final!

Portal Instructions

The Academic and Financial Aid Appeal System is located in the my.tridenttech.edu student portal within TTC Express screens.

Log in to the my.tridenttech.edu portal and begin the online appeal process. Go to Student Appeals, either from the Academic Profile or Financial Aid menu.