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Financial Aid Appeals

The deadline has passed to submit Summer 2 2024 Semester Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals (also known as financial aid appeals). Appeals submitted at this point will be considered for Fall 1/Fall Full 2024.

Fall 1/Fall Full Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals are due Monday, August 12, 2024.

Your appeal must include the following items:

1- A two-part written explanation of  

  1. a) WHY you did not successfully meet the required academic standards during the semesters of unsatisfactory progress and
  2. b) HOW the situation is resolved and WHAT you plan to do to be successful in the future;  

2- Documents that confirm or support the explanation(s) you have provided. 

An extenuating circumstance is an unforeseen, uncontrollable event such as a serious health condition, illness or injury; a traumatic event such as a natural disaster; divorce; sexual assault; criminal assault; a family emergency; employment changes such as military duty or orders; and mandated work schedule changes or involuntary lay-off/unemployment.

Issues that do not meet the definition of an extenuating circumstance include, but are not limited to, lack of transportation, roommate problems, incompatibility with faculty, difficult course load, dislike of a course, textbook concerns, lack of childcare, or technology issues (personal computer problems).

These must be from a verifiable 3rd party (that is someone other than the student making the claim or the College personnel collecting the appeal information for review).  Write your name and ID number on the top, right corner of all supporting documents.

Duplicating the content of your written explanation is not acceptable as supporting documentation and the appeal will not be considered.

Examples of 3rd party documentation include, but are not limited to: 

Medical Records, Court Documents, Police Reports, Death Certificates or a Funeral Notice (with your name listed as an immediate family member), Corporate/company documents on official letterhead detailing changes at work.

Fraudulent documentation will not be tolerated and may result in the submitting student’s expulsion from the College and/or may result in prosecution for fraudulent action toward a government institution, both state and federal laws will apply and the Student Code will be enforced.

Currently enrolled students:

If you are currently enrolled, you may not appeal until grades are posted and the college completes the review of students’ Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). This SAP status officially determines whether or not  a student is eligible for financial aid.  

Your SAP status will be emailed to enrolled students at the end of each full semester while you are enrolled, using your  email address.

Should you wish to check your current SAP status, to see if you are eligible for financial aid you may log in to one of the following:>Financial aid Status by Semester,>My Financial Aid, OR>My SAP Manager.

If your SAP status is INELIGIBLE for Financial Aid, you have the option to submit an appeal asking to be returned to ELIGIBLE status.

If granted ELIGIBLE status by the Appeals Committee, you may apply for and receive financial aid for upcoming semesters.

Need to change your plan?

If you need to change a currently approved Financial Aid Improvement/Graduation Plan for Change of Major or change credit hours per term/semester, you must submit a request to Appeal your current Financial Aid plan by emailing or calling 843-574-6303. 

Your request will be considered, but it is NOT guaranteed until you receive an approval email.

Change requests will be considered during the regular appeals hearings each semester, and thus must be submitted prior to the deadline posted for each semester.

Important Notes

Please use the link below to access our Etrieve system. Once you click the link, click on Forms, then scroll down to Student Appeals. You will want to fill out the Student Financial Aid appeal form.

You can also access the Etrieve system through the portal. Log into the portal then scroll down to Electronic Forms. Click on Etrieve Central and it will take you to the Forms section.

You will have the opportunity to explain your circumstances as well as upload supporting documents before clicking Submit.
A late or incomplete appeal package may NOT be considered for review by the committee. All decisions regarding an appeal are final. Deviations are at the discretion of the Vice President for Student Services, or designee.