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Dining Options

Trident Technical College has many dining options, from sandwiches, sushi, wraps and smoothies to meals created by our Culinary Institute of Charleston students. In addition to the options below, student organizations often hold food and bake sales on campus.

Main Campus

  • Spot Café, Bldg. 410, Rm. 104 – Hot and cold items are offered at the Spot Café, including breakfast.
  • TTC Café, Bldg. 950, Rm. 116 – The Café in Bldg. 950 features paninis, bagels, coffee, expresso and latte.
  • TTC Café Self-Service Kiosk, Bldg. 970, Rm. 210  – Grab a quick sandwich, fruit or yogurt to go here.
  • Relish Restaurant Group Restaurant, Bldg. 920, Rm. 301 – This student-operated dining room offers a more formal meal, which may include a prix fixe three-course meal.
  • Relish Café and Bakery, Bldg. 920, Rm. 301 – The Relish Café and Bakery offers a casual to-go menu along with sweet and savory baked goods from the Baking and Pastry classes.
  • Area food trucks visit the campus on a regular basis.
  • Vending machines are also available in many buildings.

Berkeley Campus

  • Courtyard Café, Rm. 103 – Breakfast and hot and cold sandwiches and salads are served.
  • Vending machines are also available.

Palmer Campus

  • Spot Café, Rm. 105 – The Spot Café at Palmer Campus offers breakfast, deli sandwiches, salads and more.
  • Palmer 181 Restaurant, Rm. 181 – This student-operated dining room offers a seasonal prix-fixe meal with three courses.
  • Vending machines are also available.

Mount Pleasant Campus

  • Vending machines are available.

TTC Cafe

spot cafe

relish cafe