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Menus And Hours For Relish Restaurant


Joshua T. Shea

Food and Beverage Director
Charleston RiverDogs

When did you first become interested in your field of work?

 15 years ago

What made you decide to go to CIC?

 I wanted to learn more about food and beverage, and CIC had great teachers.

What was the most important thing that you learned at CIC?

 I learned many skills, made important connections, and learned you have to love this career.

What was your first paid position in your field?

Personal Chef and Line Cook at Halls Chop House

What has been the highlight in your career so far?

 Becoming the Food and Beverage Director for the Charleston RiverDogs

What would be your advice for CIC students?

Never think washing dishes is beneath you, even as a chef.

Relish Restaurant

Relish Restaurant serves lunch currently with availability for reservations at 11:30 and 11:45 a.m

Spring Relish Restaurant

Feb. 6 Thursday Capstone
Feb. 11 Tuesday France
Feb. 13 Thursday Capstone
Feb. 18 Tuesday Asia
Feb. 20 Thursday Capstone
Feb. 25 Tuesday Europe
Feb. 27 Thursday Capstone
March 17 Tuesday New England/Mid-Atlantic
March 19 Thursday Atlantic South
March 24 Tuesday South
March 26 Thursday Appalachia
March 31 Tuesday Gulf Coast
April 2 Thursday Gulf Coast
April 9 Thursday Southwest
April 14 Thursday California and the Pacific Northwest
April 16 Thursday Global South
April 21 Tuesday Hawaii

The Culinary Institute of Charleston proudly uses local products sourced from Anson Mills and GrowFood Carolina.

Relish Bakery and Café

Spring Relish Bakery Café

Jan. 27 Open Monday
Jan. 28 Open Tuesday
Jan. 29 Bakery Only Wednesday
Jan. 30 Bakery Only Thursday
Feb. 3 Open Monday
Feb. 4 Open Tuesday
Feb. 5 Bakery Only Wednesday
Feb. 6 Bakery Only Thursday
Feb. 10 Open Monday
Feb. 11 Open Tuesday
Feb. 12 Bakery Only Wednesday
Feb. 13 Bakery Only Thursday
Feb. 17 Open Monday
Feb. 18 Open Tuesday
Feb. 19 Bakery Only Wednesday
Feb. 20 Bakery Only Thursday
Feb. 24 Open Monday
Feb. 25 Open Tuesday
Feb. 26 Bakery Only Wednesday
Feb. 27 Bakery Only Thursday
March 16 Open Monday
March 17 Open Tuesday
March 18 Bakery Only Wednesday
March 19 Bakery Only Thursday
March 23 Open Monday
March 24 Open Tuesday
March 25 Bakery Only Wednesday
March 26 Bakery Only Thursday
March 30 Open Monday
March 31 Open Tuesday
April 1 Bakery Only Wednesday
April 2 Bakery Only Thursday

To Make Reservations:

Reservations are required at the restaurants. You may make your reservation using Resy or email.

Please do not consider reservations confirmed until you receive a confirmation email, unless reserving through Resy. Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to make any changes to your reservation. 

Dates and Menu Items are Subject to Availability and Change

Our students and staff make every effort to provide an enjoyable dining experience for our patrons. However, during your visit, please keep in mind that The Relish Restaurant Group® Restaurant is first and foremost a classroom.

Thank you.

The Culinary Institute of Charleston thanks Mikasa, Stölzle and Le Creuset for their generous contributions to this room.