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Culinary Institute of Charleston

Culinary Institute of Charleston

The Culinary Institute of Charleston offers a wide array of credit and continuing education (noncredit) offerings to meet the diverse training needs of the industry. Credit programs include associate degree and certificate programs in culinary arts, baking and pastry, sports and nutrition, and hospitality and tourism. Continuing education courses and community interest sessions are also offered as well as specific industry training workshops.

What makes the Culinary Institute of Charleston a wise choice for your education?

  • Expertly-equipped facilities at two campuses
  • Experienced chefs and instructors
  • Hands-on training in our restaurants and labs
  • A strong commitment and involvement in the community
  • Longstanding expertise – 25 years of meeting needs in the culinary and hospitality industry

Culinary Arts

Hospitality and Tourism

CIC Mission

The Culinary Institute of Charleston at TTC provides students with the technical skill sets needed by our industry and community partners, and gives students viable options when seeking employment in this highly competitive field.

CIC Vision

The Culinary Institute of Charleston at TTC will create a foundation for student excellence, commitment to our community and enrichment the industry that we serve.