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NUMBER: 5-1-1 APPROVED DATE: 11-30-1997

PURPOSE:  To ensure consistent college image and efficient and effective use of college funds, staff members in the Marketing Department approve the design and artwork of all specialty/logo items of their assigned TTC clients, regardless of the source of funding for purchase of the items. The Marketing Department orders specialty items for TTC sponsored events and direct student recruitment. TTC employees who are recruiting students for the college may contact the Recruiting Department to obtain specialty items.

If logo/specialty items are funded by individual departments or through grant funds, requesters must secure the division vice president’s written/e-mail approval to purchase items prior to obtaining artwork/design approval from the assigned Marketing staff member and prior to placing the order.

Specialty items consist of miscellaneous merchandise with the TTC name and/or logo such as but not limited to pencils, pens, cups, mugs and T-shirts, excluding those items available in the TTC bookstore.

Updated: 10-07-2009

Updated: 03-28-2016

Reviewed: 08-04-2021