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11-1-1 Food Services, Contracts


NUMBER:  11-1-1          APPROVED DATE:  07-26-1999


PURPOSE: To provide guidelines for contracting of food services at Trident Technical College.

  1. Contracts. TTC awards food service contracts on a competitive bid basis.
  2. Contract Agreements. The food service contract states that the successful bidder will operate all food service outlets of TTC in an efficient manner that will be beneficial to the concessionaire and TTC.
    The vendor will furnish all food vending machines.
  3. Utilities and Equipment. TTC will provide necessary utilities and equipment other than vending machines.
  4. Financial Arrangements. In accordance with the Request for Proposal, the food services contract specifies a percentage of sales for the commission income payable to TTC. The contract specifies the commission calculation and the method of payment.
  5. Approval. In conformance with TTC’s procedure on contract review and approval, the President or the Vice President for Finance and Administration will sign the contract for TTC.
  6. Administration of Contract. The Dean of the Culinary Institute of Charleston will be the responsible contact for TTC.

Updated: 09-09-2008

Reviewed: 02-12-2015