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NUMBER: 11-0-2 APPROVED DATE: 07-25-1997

PURPOSE: To provide guidelines for the use of photocopy and print services by Trident Technical College personnel.

    Photocopy machines are located on each campus for official institutional use. Access to the machines is available by codes. Employees should contact their supervisor to obtain appropriate copier code. 

    Code Access: To add a code to a photocopy machine, the requester must send a written request to the print shop. The request must include the budget code (i.e., account number) for billing purposes, as well as authorization by the appropriate budget administrator.

    The print shop pays for paper used in photocopy machines. Photocopy machine paper should not be taken and used in office printers/fax machines. Paper for office printers/fax machines should be ordered like other supplies through TTC Marketplace. 

    Any item requiring over 10 copies should not be photocopied by employees using photocopy machines. These items should be forwarded to the print shop for completion.  Photocopy machines located on campuses and sites are leased. The per-copy cost is based on usage amounts and overage charges apply. It is more cost efficient to copy materials on the high-volume copiers located in the print shop.

    The color printer in the print shop is used primarily for jobs targeting external audiences that supports recruiting,  development and marketing efforts.  Color is not permitted for internal documents (documents primarily intended for current students or employees) because of the added expense. All requests for color printing on print shop equipment must go through the Marketing Department. When color printing on print shop equipment is permitted, the limit is 2,000 copies (2,000 one-sided or 1,000 two-sided).  Color printing/copying through an off-campus vendor is not permitted unless the employee receives prior approval from his/her supervisor.

    Copyrighted material will not be reproduced without written permission from the copyright holder. The permission to reproduce must accompany such material when submitted to the print shop.

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