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10-2-5 Purchases, Vendors' Invoices for Bookstore


NUMBER:  10-2-5          APPROVED DATE:  05-01-1985

PURPOSE: Provides for the payment of vendors' invoices for books and supplies purchased for resale by the bookstore.

  1. Submit Vendors' Invoices.
    Weekly, the bookstore will submit vendors' invoices to the Accounts Payable Department, Finance Division, for payment.
  2. Group Invoices by Vendors.
    The invoices will be grouped by vendors and will be attached to the appropriate purchase order.
  3. Check Requisitions.
    Requisitions for payment will be prepared by the bookstore to accompany the invoices.
  4. Mailing of Checks.
    Checks will be mailed by the Finance Department staff.

Reviewed: 01-16-2008

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