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Counselors serve as academic advisors for undecided majors at TTC.

College counselors serve as academic advisors for students who are UNDECIDED about their academic major. This means your "declared major" is "undecided." You may not have chosen a career field; you have not chosen a particular academic program; or you are not certain whether you want to earn a certificate, diploma, two-year degree and/or four-year degree.

Your counselor will advise you regarding courses to take while you are "undecided" and will help you reach a decision. Once you decide on a formal major, we will refer you to the Student Success Center where you will be assigned to an academic advisor for that course of study.

If you have declared a major (any certificate, diploma, or degree program) but, for whatever reason, remain UNCERTAIN about some of your academic, career, and/or college goals, then you should do two things. First, as far as our advising services are concerned you are not “undecided,” so you should contact the Student Success Center for assignment to an appropriate faculty academic advisor for the course of study that you have initially identified as your major. Then, contact Counseling and Career Development Services staff for assistance in becoming more “certain” of your academic, career, and/or college goals.

We also can help you develop college survival skills in areas such as note taking, test taking, classroom dos and don'ts, reading college texts, and study scheduling and planning. We maintain a number of college success self-help handouts to assist you. Various activities, groups and workshops may also be scheduled for assistance in these areas.

These free services are available to currently enrolled TTC students and prospective students. If we are not able to meet your needs, we will make every effort to refer you to another community resource.

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Note-taking Skills

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Test-Taking Skills

Berkeley Campus
Rm. 178, Student Success Center

Dorchester Campus
Please call for assistance.

Thornley Campus
Bdg. 410, Rm. 210

Mount Pleasant
Please call for assistance

Palmer Campus
Student Success Center, Rm. 226

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