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By partnering with Trident Technical College’s Division of Apprenticeships and Employer Partnerships, your company can receive assistance in developing your own United States Department of Labor Apprenticeship. We can connect you with aspiring apprentices looking for opportunities and provide free consultative services.


Apprenticeship Program Development Process


The first step in developing an apprenticeship program—getting started. This is done by collaboration with TTC and its partners. Discover all the benefits, options and opportunities apprenticeships offer. For this step, focus is on educating you on the different types of apprenticeships that are available for companies and discovering a program plan that best suits your company’s needs. It is simple and begins by meeting with TTC and Apprenticeship Carolina.


The second step is designing your company’s apprenticeship. This is done by identifying the appropriate Job-Related-Education (JRE) program(s) offered at TTC. Creating an On-The-Job-Training (OJT) checklist that compliments the TTC (JRE) and your company’s goals for the program. Lastly, determining the scalable wage that you would like to offer future apprentices.


The third step is reaching out to potential aspiring apprentices for your company. This is achieved in a variety of ways. We will first alert the TTC Student Employment office who will advertise to the TTC student population. We will also advertise the opportunity to program-specific students and to our workforce development partners for individuals that meet minimum program requirements.


The fourth step is to test aspiring apprentices interested in your apprenticeship opportunity. Candidates take the placement test offered on TTC campuses. The test evaluates a candidate’s sentence skills, reading and math knowledge. If an aspiring apprentice achieves qualifying scores, we ask them to fill out application forms. Once completed, we send to you for consideration.


The final step is implementation of the apprenticeship program. Once an apprentice is chosen by your company, the apprentice will complete a TTC Admissions Application, file for financial aid, receive class schedule and be registered each semester throughout the duration of the apprenticeship. At this time, the apprentice also begins employment and OJT with your company.


Benefits for Starting an Apprenticeship

  • Free consultative services
  • Access to aspiring apprentices
  • $1,000 tax credits for each apprentice
  • Access to workforce development partners who can assist with funding tuition, books and other costs


Program Lifecycle Connecting Aspiring Apprentices to Employers

  • Employer registers program with USDOL
  • TTC recruits aspiring apprentices 
  • TTC connects aspiring apprentices to employers
  • Employer interviews and hires aspiring apprentice
  • Student begins employment and TTC classes
  • Student graduates with TTC certificate and USDOL Journeyman credential

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