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What are Youth Apprenticeships?

Apprenticeships are flexible training programs that cultivate well-educated, highly skilled workers able to meet the demands of a competitive global economy. Youth apprenticeships are open to high school juniors, seniors and graduating seniors, giving them the opportunity to earn while they learn through paid on-the-job training under the direction of an industry mentor. Youth apprentices also take college classes that directly relate to their apprenticeship. YOU MUST BE HIRED BY ONE OF THE PARTICIPATING COMPANIES TO BECOME A YOUTH APPRENTICE.

Will my high school schedule change?

We will work with your high school so that your schedule can be adjusted to accommodate the college courses you will be taking at TTC. Youth apprentices usually take high school classes in the mornings and their TTC classes in the afternoons or evenings. Your high school counselor will work with you to ensure you meet all of your academic goals and that you are on track to graduate with your high school diploma.

Can I still participate in sports or other extracurricular activities?

Probably not. There simply won’t be room in your schedule. Becoming a youth apprentice requires a serious commitment of time, effort and energy. You will be working a minimum of five hours per week for your employer during the academic year and then full time during the summer between the two years of the program. In addition to regular high school classes, youth apprentices take a specific sequence of college courses each semester throughout the two years. The program is designed for motivated students interested in gaining work experience,
on-the-job and in-the-classroom training, and professional connections while still in high school. The demands of the program are significant, but so are the rewards.

How do I apply?

The hiring cycle starts annually in FEBRUARY and ends in August at the start of the school year. Some pathways have application deadlines that can vary from year to year depending on employer requirements. Check the Youth Apprenticeships page for updates.

Talk to your high school counselor and ask for a Youth Apprenticeship Application or go online. Return the fully completed packet to your school counselor.

Once my application is complete, am I in the program?

Qualifying placement test scores and a complete application packet are only the first steps. You have to be called for a job interview by one of the participating employers and then receive and accept a job offer.