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Scholars Network

Scholars Network is a TRiO Student Support Services program designed to assist students in transitioning to college successfully. Our staff members will meet with you initially to help you develop a plan to reach your educational and career goals. As you progress through college they will continue to serve you, offering a one-stop-shop for student guidance and academic resources. Services are free.

Scholars Network services include:        

  • Financial and Personal Counseling
  • Academic Tutoring
  • Academic Advising and Career Planning
  • Professional Development Experiences
  • Advice on Transferring to Four-year Colleges/Universities

We are limited in the number of students that we can serve each year so openings do fill quickly.    

To find out more about eligibility requirements and how to apply to become a part of this program, please stop by Bldg. 430 (modular unit across from Bldg. 410 on Main Campus). Additionally, you may contact us by calling 843.574.6102.        

Participants in the Scholars Network program will find further information and scheduling for all current Scholars Network services in the TTC student portal, my.tridenttech.edu.


Main Campus
Bldg. 430
8 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
8 a.m.-noon
Fax: 843.574.6345

Other Campuses
By appointment


To qualify to participate in the Scholars Network, a TRiO Student Support Services program, the student MUST be enrolled in a prerequisite or developmental studies course OR have not been enrolled in college for at least five years AND meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • First-generation college student (neither parent or guardian received a bachelor’s degree)
  • Meet certain income guidelines
  • Diagnosed and documented disability (Register with Disability Services.)

Income documentation is a major component in determining student eligibility. There are several ways that income can be verified:

  • Income Tax form
  • Signed Alternate Income Verification form

To be considered for Scholars Network Grant Aid, participants must:

  • Be Pell Grant recipients
  • Be enrolled in TTC for two consecutive semesters with six or more credit hours
  • Have a GPA of 2.0 or above (subject to change)
  • Be active in the Scholars Network program, i.e. visit your counselor at least once a month, etc.

Below are responsibilities for participants in the Scholars Network:

  • If transferring, meet with the Scholars Network transfer counselor on a regular basis.
  • If a student has a disability, documentation of the disability must be provided to the Disability Services
  • Abide by the terms of the tutoring services contract.
  • Provide the Scholars Network program with a permanent address prior to leaving TTC.
  • Authorize Scholars Network to request academic information and to discuss issues relative to your academic and personal success with campus and community resources throughout program enrollment.

How to Apply

  • Complete and submit the Scholars Network Application on the my.tridenttech.edu student portal.
  • Drop by our office located in Bldg. 430 (modular unit) on Main Campus. You will then be scheduled for an interview with a counselor to determine eligibility.

Call 843.574.6102 for more information.

Definition of Terms

Independent students: a student meeting any of the following criteria:

  • Must be 24 years or older,
  • Married,
  • Veterans of the US Armed Forces,
  • Wards of the court,
  • Have legal dependents for which they provide at least fifty-percent support.

First-generation: A student whose parents have not earned a bachelor degree.

Disabled: A diagnosed and documented physical, mental or/and learning disability.

Transfer Tips

Any Scholars Network participant interested in transferring should take advantage of the transfer services offered through the Scholars Network program. We will assist you by:

  • monitoring your progress
  • assisting you with applications for new colleges
  • providing website addresses for four-year colleges in the United States

We offer transfer tours to several four-year colleges in South Carolina. For more information, stop by the Scholars Network office in Bldg. 430 on Main Campus or call 843.574.6102.

The schedule for the Transfer Tours for the upcoming academic year is posted each fall. Make arrangements ahead of time so you can attend. Transportation is provided for Scholars Network participants.

First-Year Experience Initiative (FYE)

If you are a first-year college student with zero credit hours and meet the qualification guidelines, you may be eligible to also take part in our First-Year Experience Initiative. The First-Year Experience Initiative (FYE) is a retention and early intervention program offered to students who are participants of the Scholars Network, a TRiO Student Support Services program.   

FYE Initiative has the following components:            

  • First-year participants in the same major are identified and encouraged to enroll in the same course sections to develop peer study groups and benefit from the peer support that is especially needed by first-generation students.            
  • A series of free workshops are held on campus. Students are required to attend at least four workshops. Topics include:             
    • Navigating the College Environment          
    • Time Management
    •  Stress Management           
    • Study Skills and Test Taking               
    • Money Management//Financial Literacy
    • Goal Setting           
    • Career Planning                                 

FYE participants authorize Scholars Network staff to request information and discuss issues relative to their academic efforts with campus resources. This allows the Scholars Network to provide individual guidance and promote your success.