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Suicide Prevention

If you feel that a friend or loved one is in need of help, it is important that you encourage them to immediately call 911, visit the nearest emergency room or mental health facility. Offering support and understanding is ideal in helping them to receive the best care possible with a trained professional. Talk with them while also letting them know that you are there to listen and support them in their time of crisis.

Most importantly, never ignore any conversations in reference to suicide. This may definitely be a cry for help, so seek help immediately by calling 911 or encouraging them to visit the nearest mental health facility or area emergency room.

If your friend or loved one is a student at TTC, encourage them to visit our office immediately during our normal business by calling us at 843-574-6131 or visiting one of our four locations.

In talking with them about our services, inform them that our services are free and confidential.

If they would like to get help and they are on campus after our normal business hours, please have them to contact our Public Safety office at 843-574-6911.

Suicide Prevention Resource