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Scholarship Recipient Thanks

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 TTC Foundation scholarship recipients!

Please fill out the form below to show your gratitude to scholarship donors.

Share Your Gratitude

The Scholarship Luncheon is an annual event during which we celebrate and applaud our scholarship recipients and thank those that contribute the much-needed funding to help students achieve their goals.

The luncheon was canceled this year, but we would like to celebrate by sharing your photos, videos and notes of thanks and gratitude online, on social media and with donors.

Here are some ways you can express your gratitude:

  1. Share a written note about your scholarship(s) and how it will help you achieve your goals. Upload your photo to share with it.
  2. Record and upload a short video with your thanks and how the scholarship(s) will help. 
  3. Make a sign with a note of thanks and ask someone to take a photo of you holding the sign.

Click here to see the list of scholarships with the recipients' names.

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