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Faculty & Staff Resources

The Trident Technical College Foundation offers several programs to assist our faculty and staff.

Tuition Assistance and Credit Course Assistance Programs

To provide professional and personal growth opportunities for faculty and staff, the Trident Technical College Foundation will provide financial support, up to an annually budgeted amount, for full-time permanent employees to take credit courses.

Trident Technical College Tuition Assistance:

Based on availability of funds, the Foundation will pay for tuition and required books for up to four credit hours per term or eight credit hours per semester in any TTC course for which an employee is qualified.

Credit Course Assistance

Based on availability of funds, the Foundation will reimburse an employee $200 per course for tuition, books and fees. An employee may receive a maximum of $1000 during each fiscal year for reimbursement of a maximum of five credit courses per year taken at an accredited institution other than TTC.

Continuing Education Course Assistance (for courses at TTC)

Based on availability of funds, the Foundation will cover the cost for course fees and required textbooks, up to a maximum of $500 per fiscal year, per employee.

Minigrant Program

In 1991, TTC and the TTC Foundation established a Minigrant Program to provide funds to faculty and staff for instructional equipment, materials and special resources to enhance student learning. Additional criteria for funding include requests that increase student accessibility, safety, or employee efficiency in serving students. In 2014-15, the faculty/staff received 94 minigrants totaling $123,676. Sources of financial support for the awards include the TTC Foundation Annual Campaign, the TTC faculty and staff Campus Campaign and the College. Each minigrant has a limit of $1,600. The minigrant application opens the first of September, and notification and instructions are sent to faculty and staff at that time.