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Student Urgent Needs Fund

Student Urgent Needs fund keeps students enrolled.

Financial hardship is the number one reason why students drop out of college. 

And once they drop out, their chance of returning and completing is only 11%.  

The cause is usually urgent in nature, small in size, almost always temporary and very disruptive to a student's education. 

When TTC's Counseling Services noticed this trend in 2010, they brought it to the attention of the TTC Foundation, and soon after the Student Urgent Needs fund was started. 

The Student Urgent Needs (SUN) fund assists students faced with an urgent or unexpected financial situation that might prevent them from continuing their studies. 

With an average success rate of 88%, the SUN fund has helped hundreds of students stay enrolled and reach their goals. 

Student Urgents Needs and other critical programs are funded through the Trident Opportunity Fund. Your gift to the Trident Opportunity Fund helps ensure students have the support they need to achieve success.


 New Laptop is a Game-Changer


Before the pandemic interrupted daily life, Kristi Salvo had already been dealing with a lot: health issues and a separation from her partner. 

As a mother of two, attending college, working full time and now having to home-school her children, Kristi felt as if she might break when her laptop quit on her.

Luckily, the TTC Foundation had already started purchasing laptops for students who needed them using Student Urgent Needs funding, and she was able to continue her studies without interruption. 

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