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‘Helping others helps me’

 Christyon Brown

CHRISTYON BROWN, a CNA/Pre-Nursing youth apprentice, was hired by MUSC in 2021 and is busy working on the Oncology floor, 7 West ART Building. She will be finishing her youth apprenticeship in spring 2023 and plans to continue in TTC’s Nursing Program. According to Chrissy, “I learn a lot from my patients, especially the older ones. They have a lot of knowledge and I really enjoy caring for them.” Chrissy works six-hour shifts during the school year and 12-hour shifts in the summer, sometimes as much as 48 hours a week. Chrissy hopes to become a travel nurse once her education is complete. About her nursing career, she says, “I can’t see myself doing anything else! Helping people helps me feel better about myself.”