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English, Speech and Journalism

Associate Degree

University Transfer-Associate in Arts


Introductory University Studies

University Studies

What can I do in this English, speech and journalism?

Students who study English, speech and journalism can pursue careers in education, publishing, writing, information and research, grant writing, media, politics, law, speech-language pathology, speech therapy, and much more.

What characteristics and skills do I need to work in this field?

Many professionals who studied English, speech and journalism have excellent oral and written skills; the ability to organize, develop and defend ideas; the ability to interpret complex information and explain it in ways that others understand; have excellent organizational skills; are creative; and have solid research skills.

Where can I work?

Professionals who are skilled in English, speech or journalism often work at publishing companies, magazines, newspapers, schools, colleges and universities, public relations and advertising firms, corporations, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

What does Trident Technical College offer?

The Department of English, Speech and Journalism helps students learn to read perceptively, think critically and write effectively. Students can also earn a Professional Writing Certificate, which offers courses in instruction in writing related to a number of career fields.

English, Speech, and Journalism Department Vision Statement

The skills of reading and writing are essential for lifelong learning. We offer a range of courses in composition focused on both research and literary analysis, public speaking, interpersonal communication, various literature courses, and business, technical and professional writing. We teach students active and clear communication. Our courses encourage students to speak and write about literature and research and provide the opportunity to engage with texts from diverse historical and cultural contexts.

By sharing the relevance of literary arts, critical and creative thinking, and effective communication skills, we prepare TTC students to understand culture, engage with different perspectives, and make informed decisions.

The Faculty of the English, Speech, and Journalism Department strive to:

  • Provide students with sophisticated writing and critical thinking skills, which is applicable in all TTC academic programs and in their professional careers.
  • Satisfy the needs of general education – Reading, Critical Thinking, Information Literacy, Creative Thinking, Inquiry and Ways of Knowing, Written and Oral Communication, and Integrative Learning.
  • Encourage students to understand and appreciate the English language and the value of effective communication.