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Admission Requirements

  • Create an account on Apply Now and complete the online application, selecting “First-time Transfer to TTC” as your student type. Once you have completed and submitted your application, you will be able to view any supplemental items needed and monitor the processing of your application on your Apply Now.
  • Copy of your passport, F-1 visa, I-94 form and current I-20
  • F-1 Transfer Clearance form filled out and signed by current DSO
  • Qualifying test scores on TTC's Placement Test or qualifying SAT/ACT scores. If you have taken equivalent English and math courses at another U.S. college, you may be allowed to exempt all or part of the placement test, if transcripts are provided. A degree earned abroad does not waive the placement test.
  • Documentation of the equivalent of high school graduation/secondary education completion. We will require an evaluation report.

Financial Requirements

  • Notarized Affidavit of Financial Support, Form I-134, is required and must be completed by the sponsor. You may have more than one sponsor; or you can sponsor yourself, however you must prove you have sufficient funds to support yourself for one year. To download the latest version of the form, go to the USCIS website, click on Immigration Forms and scroll down until you see I-134.
  • Notarized bank statement or bank letter must be provided from sponsor showing sufficient funds to study in the United States. The annual expense for an F-1 student is $28,547 (U.S. $13,715 for tuition and books and U.S. $14,832 for living expenses). The annual increased cost of living expenses in the U.S. is approximately 7%. If you bring a dependent to the United States, the annual expense will be $6,930 per dependent.
  • Tuition deposit in the amount of $10,715 (certified bank check in U.S. dollars) is required. The deposit may not be used for tuition or fees during this time but remains on deposit until after the second full semester you are enrolled. In addition to this deposit, you must pay tuition and fees on the published due date of your first two semesters. At the end of your second semester you may request to have the tuition deposit refunded to you or applied towards fees for the following semesters. The tuition deposit is fully refundable if the student elects not to pursue study at the college.

International students are not eligible for federal/state financial aid and all F-1 students are subject to out-of-state tuition and fees, unless the student is participating in an international sister-state agreement program.

A SEVIS Form I-20 will be issued to the student once all official documents have been received, reviewed, and student qualifies for acceptance. Form I-20 cannot be issued until the DSO at the transfer-out school releases the student's record in SEVIS.