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Under United States law, international students have certain responsibilities. In order to maintain proper legal status, F-1 students must comply with the United States immigration regulations.

While you are in F1 non-immigrant status with an I-20 issued by Trident Technical College, we are responsible for maintaining your record in Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), and for helping you understand your obligations under SEVIS. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) created SEVIS to maintain information on non-immigrant students and scholars holding F, M and J visas.

However, YOU are responsible for notifying the International Admissions Coordinator of the relevant information and changes in your program or status, and for understanding the rules and responsibilities pertinent to your non-immigrant status.

This includes keeping your passport, visa, I-20 and other official documents up to date. By failing to keep your documents up to date, you may cause unnecessary problems that may interfere with your education. As you work toward your degree at Trident Technical College you will be asked to comply with all immigration regulations. Some of these regulations can be confusing so it is important to understand how to stay in status with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. For any questions that you may have, the International Admissions Coordinator will be there for you.