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Student Urgent Needs Fund

The TTC Foundation Student Urgent Needs Fund was established in 2010 to assist students who have an unforeseen financial emergency which would otherwise prevent them from continuing their studies at Trident Tech. 

As we consider the impact of the coronavirus on our students, we urgently need your help.


Student Urgent Needs Fund


Trident Tech Students Already Face Challenges.

For students who are on their own and have jobs for which they do not get paid time off, an unforeseen financial emergency can be devastating.

As we have seen in the past several years with hurricane evacuations, students lose wages, get behind on bills and are sometimes forced to choose between continuing their education and having electricity, a car to drive or food for their family.

 During this unprecedented time of uncertainty, one thing is for sure: many students will need financial assistance in order to continue their education and stay in college.

If you would like to help, please make your gift to the Student Urgent Needs Fund today.






Jumping Hurdles

Single mom Christina Hampton was working two part-time jobs and taking classes when the threat and aftermath of Hurricane Florence almost caused her to have to drop out of school. 

Read more about how the Student Urgent Needs Fund helped.



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