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mercedes way6.jpgOur students are resilient in the pursuit of their educational goals, but sometimes resiliency is not enough.

Mercedes Way was enrolled in esthetics classes during Summer 2023 when the unthinkable took place - a fire broke out in her apartment building.

She was home at the time, and thankfully, able to get out. However, within a matter of thirty minutes, she lost everything.

She persevered, putting her life back together while staying focused on her studies.

Soon after, it was time to buy the required esthetics kit to prepare for the state licensing exam. But, still recovering from her losses in the fire, Mercedes knew she couldn’t afford it. Although her tuition was covered by Trident Tech’s free tuition program, other costs associated with the esthetics program were not.

Transformation starts here.

Trident Tech stands as a beacon of hope, opportunity and economic mobility for thousands of students striving for a better future.

But when students are faced with unexpected challenges like food insecurity, medical emergencies or house fires, they may be forced to give up their educational dreams. Unfortunately, as studies have shown, it is usually permanent.

A concerned faculty member referred Mercedes to the TTC Foundation, where she was able to receive assitance through the Student Urgent Needs (SUN) fund to purchase the $280 kit. 

The SUN fund was established in 2010 to help students continue toward their educational goals when an unexpected expense occurs. Since then, the fund has assisted more than 300 students, 80% of whom went on to continue their education without interruption.

Mercedes was not only able to continue her classes, but she has done so with perfect attendance. She will graduate in May with an associate degree in cosmetology, the passion to start her dream career and the confidence from knowing that the entire TTC family has her back.

Every dollar you contribute makes a difference.

You can have a powerful impact on students like Mercedes. With a donation to the Trident Opportunity Fund, you can support the SUN fund and other crucial initiatives at TTC.

With your help, our students can reach their goals, transform their lives and make a difference that lasts for generations to come.