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Don't know what a good resume looks like? Not sure what skills you have? Have you ever asked, "Where do I start?"

Creating a Resume that Sells

A resume is your first introduction to a potential employer. The quality of your resume is a reflection of who you are and will usually determine whether or not you receive a call for an interview. Your resume should convince the reviewer that you meet the desired qualifications and that you have the potential to fill the position. Although there are several pre-fillable templates online, it is important to choose the format that presents your skills to the employer in the most effective manner.

Interview with Confidence

Whether you are headed for your first interview or your fifteenth, a mock interview can be a big help. Mock interviews simulate actual interviewing conditions, providing experience with the interviewing process and developing presentation skills. These sessions usually last 30-45 minutes. Benefits of participating in a mock interview are:

  • Reduce interview anxiety by familiarizing yourself with the situation.
  • Boost your confidence about the things you are doing well.
  • Receive constructive feedback from an interviewing professional.
  • Prepare for behavioral-based interview questions.
  • Formulate questions you should ask the employer.
  • View your recorded session for future reference.

Resume assistance and mock interviews are free of charge and available year-round for current students and alumni. To schedule your appointment, call 843-574-6119 or email

Job Search

It’s normal to feel frustrated and defeated while on the lookout for a new job and although job searching can be frustrating, doing nothing isn’t the answer. Career Connection, powered by Symplicity software, is our online job posting site. This website is strictly for students and alumni only. There are paid available opportunities (full-time and/or part-time) as well as opportunities to contribute to the community (volunteering) or seek possible internships. We also use Career Connection to advertise employer campus visits, local hiring events, and any other information that may help you find the job you are looking for. Create a profile on Career Connection* and apply today!

*If you have trouble logging into your existing account, please call 843-574-6119.

Career Fair

The Trident Technical College Career Fair is an excellent opportunity for you to meet company representatives, research the job market, share your resume, or build a network of contacts.

Registration for the 2022 Spring Virtual Career Fair is now open!

Our Spring Virtual Career Fair will be held on April 6th, 2022 from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Employers, students and alumni can register online or download the Simplicity Jobs and Careers App from the Apple App Store or Google Play App Store.


To access the Virtual Career Fair, you will need to register with Career Connection.

Steps to engage in Virtual Career Fair:

Students and Alumni

Step 1: Create or sign-in to Career Connection Student/Alum account.

Step 2: Select Events tab listed on the left side of the homepage.

Step 3: Select Career Fairs under the Career Fairs tab, then select Trident Tech Virtual Career Fair.

Step 4: Before the event, post your résumé.