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You are not required to use digital course materials. However, you will need to purchase your materials elsewhere. Check with your instructor or email for more information.

When is the deadline to Opt Out?

The opt-out deadline is the last day to drop for the term. You can find this date on the college calendar.

What are the steps to opt out?

To opt out:

  1. Log in to D2L through the Student Portal.
  2. Navigate to the course in which you wish to opt-out.
  3. Select Content.
  4. Click the link title “Opt-Out of Digital Course Materials.”
  5. Follow the next link titled “Opt-Out”
  6. Select “Opt-Out of all materials for this course.”

After you Opt-Out, your tuition bill will be updated to reflect the adjustment. This adjustment will occur after the drop/add deadline.

Will opting out affect me during the course?

After the opt out request has been processed, you will no longer have access to the digital course materials. You will need to purchase required textbooks, access codes, and/or software elsewhere.

Once you purchase a required access code you will be prompted to enter that code in D2L.

If you have trouble, please contact

What happens after I opt out of the Digital Course Materials

If you choose to opt out, the charge will be removed from your tuition bill.

You will still be required to purchase any books, access codes and/or software elsewhere.

How do I opt back in if I want to use the provided digital textbook and course materials?

If you previously opted out, you may opt back in through the drop/add date for your term. However, if it is past the drop/add date, you will need to purchase the required materials on your own.

After you opt in the digital materials fee will be added back to your account.