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Digital course materials are included for select courses at TTC. To find out if your course is using digital course materials please refer to the Digital Course Materials document (pdf).

These courses include all materials needed for the class (including access codes) on day one. You will not need to purchase any additional materials for the course. The costs of these materials are included in your tuition and fees.

Benefits of Digital Course Materials

Digital Access

  • Access your digital textbooks and course materials on the first day of class via D2L.
  • Use your digital textbooks and course materials from any electronic device at any time.

Interactive Learning

  • Textbook features such as highlighting, annotation, search, etc.
  • Adaptive quizzes and homework sets
  • Digital flashcards
  • Multimedia videos and audio presentations
  • Tutorials

How do I Opt-Out of the digital course materials?

Opt Out/Opt In: You can choose to not use the digital course materials. Visit the Opt In/Opt Out page for more information.