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What are digital course materials?

Digital course materials include your textbook, any access codes, and all other materials needed for your course.

Do I need to pay for an access code?

You do not need to pay additional money for an access code. Once you've paid your tuition and fees, you've paid for your course materials, including any access codes and digital textbooks needed.

Can I buy a printed copy of the digital textbook?

You can secure a printed copy for an additional discounted price at the bookstore. You must request the print upgrade and provide proof of current enrollment in the course.

If you have opted out, you cannot purchase the discounted printed version.

I dropped my course. Do I still need to opt out?

No. You will automatically be removed from the course and lose access to the materials. Refunds are issued for the course materials if the drop occurs on or before the last day of drop/add. If you drop the course after the drop/add date, you are responsible for the course materials charge.

How do I pay for my digital course materials?

When you pay for your classes, you're paying for your digital course materials.

The digital course materials are listed as a "Course materials fee" on your tuition and fees. The course materials charge is posted to your account when you register for a course using digital course materials and can be covered by many financial aid and tuition payment plans.

Can I make payments?

Yes. Digital course materials are included in your class cost, the charge may be included as part of your tuition payment plan.

Will financial aid cover the digital course materials cost?

Most likely. Please check with a financial aid specialist to ensure that digital materials fee is covered by your specific financial aid.

Will VA Post 9/11 (Ch.33) cover the digital course materials cost?

No. Just as with your other books and course materials, you are responsible for paying the cost of the digital textbook and other course materials. This fee cannot be directly billed to the VA since it is an optional charge.
If you receive a book stipend or housing allowance (BAH), you may use those funds to cover the cost of the materials.

Are digital course materials covered under TTC’s free tuition?

No. You are responsible for paying for the digital course materials.

If I have a billing or refund question, who do I contact?


Can I opt out of the digital course materials cost?

If you decide to purchase your materials elsewhere you must opt out by the official last day of drop/add for your course. Learn more about opting out.

How do I access my digital course materials?

Access course materials through TTC D2L and by referring to specific instructions provided by your instructor.

I'm having trouble accessing my digital course materials in D2L. What should I do?

If you opted out, you no longer have access to the digital course materials.

If you continue to experience problems, email

I opted out and realized that I still need access to my digital textbook and course materials. Can I opt back in?

Yes, as long as it is before the end of the drop/add period for your course.