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Biological Sciences

Associate Degree

University Transfer-Associate in Science

AS Degree Worksheet (PDF)

What can I do in biological sciences?

Students who study biological sciences can pursue careers that explore the natural world in both laboratory and environmental settings, or seek more service-oriented careers in health care, environmental conservation and management, education, biotechnology and forensic science. Biologists can use their scientific knowledge and skills in other areas, too, including politics and policy, business and industry (i.e. pharmaceuticals), economics and writing.

What characteristics and skills do I need to work in this field?

Professionals with a focus on biological sciences often like to ask questions, make observations, evaluate evidence and solve problems. Biologists are organized and enjoy research. They have a strong interest in working with people and have good communication skills.

Where can I work?

Professionals in the biological sciences field often work in laboratories, hospitals and other health care facilities, schools and corporations. Some work strictly indoors, but others may work on-location where they can study the environment and its impact on their research.

What does Trident Technical College offer?

TTC's Department of Biological Sciences provides a basic foundation in the life sciences, which allows students to think critically about biological problems and communicate their understanding effectively to others.

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