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Keeping You Safe

The Department of Public Safety is committed to the protection of health, life, property and the environment; the preservation of peace and order; and the promotion of safety and security in order to support the overall mission of the college, and to provide an atmosphere conducive for academic achievement.

Telephones/Call Boxes

Call boxes, located in campus parking lots and on the exteriors of some buildings, provide a direct connection to Public Safety. In-house campus telephones also are located on the exterior entrances to some buildings and throughout interior hallways. Public Safety may be reached on these phones by dialing 6911 for emergencies, or 6053 for routine, or non-emergency calls. When calling Public Safety, clearly state your location and the nature of your call. Remain on the line with the dispatcher until you are advised to hang up.


Call Public Safety (843-574-6053 from your cell, 6053 from an in-house phone, or use a parking lot call box) if you wish to receive an escort to your vehicle or other location on campus.

Emergency Messages

Public Safety will accept emergency messages on your behalf and attempt to locate you on any TTC campus for emergency situations only. Public Safety is not able to page students. If you anticipate that someone may need to reach you for an emergency, please provide them with Public Safety's office number: 843-574-6053.

Fire Drills

Unannounced fire drills are conducted on a periodic basis. Faculty members are responsible for monitoring and coordinating the safe evacuation of students during drills or actual emergencies. Please take your purse, book bag and any other immediately accessible personal belongings with you when evacuating. It is possible that you may not be able to return to the building. Do not reenter buildings unless instructed by Public Safety or other college officials.

First Aid

Report accidents and injuries to Public Safety immediately by calling 843-574-6911 from your cell phone, 6911 from an in-house phone, or directly by using a call box. Provide the location of the incident and information on the number of victims and type(s) of injuries. Public Safety will respond to provide first aid assistance, and will contact EMS if additional medical treatment is required. Public Safety also maintains Special Medical Attention forms on those individuals who choose to provide their special medical information. These forms, and the information contained on the forms, are only disclosed to medical personnel responding to provide emergency care for the individual concerned. If you have special medical needs, you may want to complete a form at the Pubic Safety office and/or contact Services for Students with Disabilities.

Lost and Found

Each year hundreds of lost and found items are turned in to Public Safety where they are held for 90 days. If you find any unattended property, please turn the property in to Public Safety (offices are located on Thornley, Berkeley and Palmer Campuses). If you have lost any property on campus, please stop by Public Safety or call 843-574-6053. The Public Safety office at the Thornley Campus is open 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Motorist Assistance

Public Safety can provide limited motorist assistance for vehicles on campus. For assistance with dead batteries, keys locked inside vehicles, or tire inflation, call Public Safety at 843-574-6053 from your cell phone, 6053 from an in-house phone, or use a parking lot call box. For other mechanical problems, Public Safety can assist you in locating an appropriate service agency.

Safety Hazards

If you see a safety hazard (tripping hazard, leaks, spills, electrical or fire hazards, etc.) on campus, please notify Public Safety at 843-574-6053 immediately.

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Classes

Free basic physical defense classes are offered to female faculty, staff and students (age 16 and over). For more information and class schedules, please call 843-574-6053.

Contact Info

Emergency Phone:

Non-Emergency Phone:



Thornley Campus
Bldg. 100/Rm. 127
7000 Rivers Ave.
North Charleston, SC  29423

Palmer Campus
Rm. 145
66 Columbus St.
Charleston, SC  29403

Berkeley Campus
Highway 17-A
Moncks Corner, SC  29461

Mount Pleasant Campus
Rm. 128
1004 Hungryneck Blvd.
Mount Pleasant, SC  29464

Dorchester Campus
10055 Dorchester Road
Summerville, SC  29485