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Crime Prevention Tips

Most crimes committed on campus can be prevented. Public Safety, in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, will present crime prevention information and periodic programs to the college community.

While Public Safety tries to prevent crimes on campus, it is your responsibility to protect yourself. Help prevent crimes by securing your property, valuables and car. Report any crimes, suspicious people or activities to Public Safety immediately by calling 843-574-6911 from a personal telephone, dialing 6911 from any in-house campus telephone or by using a parking lot call box.

Prevention Tips

For personal safety on campus, follow these recommendations:

Do Not:

  • Work alone in isolated settings especially on weekends, holidays and late nights.
  • Prop doors or windows open or leave keys and other personal items lying around.


  • Avoid isolated or dark places where you cannot summon help. Whenever possible, park and walk in well-lit public areas, or walk with a group of people. Be alert to ensure that no one is following you.
  • Observe others in the area before leaving buildings. Report strangers or unusual events to Public Safety immediately.
  • Vary your routine. Do not walk the same route night after night.
  • Tell others where you are going and when you will return.
  • Call Public Safety for a personal escort to your vehicle.
  • Program Public Safety's telephone number into your cell telephones (843-574-6911)
  • Avoid one-on-one meetings with acquaintances and strangers.
  • Lock your vehicle doors and keep valuables out of sight. When approaching vehicles, look for people hiding beneath or in rear seats or in bushes nearby. Have your car keys ready and hands free.
  • Call Public Safety if you have car trouble.
  • Have a plan of action if you find yourself in a threatening situation. Be prepared to run, scream or resist attack.
  • Know where the emergency telephones and call boxes are located.
  • Avoid using drugs and alcohol as they can interfere with clear thinking and communication.
  • Take a Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) Basic Physical Defense course offered free by Public Safety. For more information, please call Public Safety at 843-574-6053 or click here to access the R.A.D. section of this webpage.

Please report all emergencies and crimes directly to Public Safety in person or by calling 843.-574-6911. Please do not make reports by email.

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