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graduate winkingTrident Technical College gets results. 

  • 93% of graduates find employment or continue their studies at a four-year college within one year of graduation.
  • 90% of all Trident Tech students taking licensure exams pass their exams on the first attempt.
  • 95% of all graduates are satisfied with their experience at the college.

Trident Tech graduates become vital members of the workforce and high-performing students at colleges and universities across the nation. Our graduates are not held back by crippling student debt, because you don't need to face your future with one hand tied behind your back.



Evening and Online CollegeTrident Tech fits your busy life by offering online, evening and traditional classes as well as varied class modes and times. We specialize in educating adults who are balancing the challenges of work and home. Our campuses and sites are strategically placed throughout the tricounty area to reduce commute time and stress. Take classes after 4:30 p.m. with Evening College and earn a degree no matter where you are with TTC Online College.

Workforce Training classes are also available in select subjects. These quick training options do not award academic credit but are eligible for continuing education units (CEUs). You do not have to apply and be admitted to the college to take these noncredit courses. Simply register and pay online or by phone. Workforce Training courses are offered throughout the year so check back often to see the latest additions.


Support and Connection

Students with Doctor Thornley

There is a lot more to Trident Tech than just classes. We offer a wide range of services and activities to help students be successful and get the most out of college life. From tutoring to job placement advice to counseling and student activities, we have you covered. We offer many opportunities to grow and thrive.




Hear From Our Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors share why they chose Trident Technical College, what they like best about the college and what they think about their instructors.

Student Ambassadors for the 2020-2021 academic year describe Trident Technical College in one word.

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Cafe scene

Going to college can mean spending long hours studying or hanging out with friends waiting for your next class to start. Let's face it, you are going to get hungry. Trident Tech cafés are the perfect place to grab a quick snack, a refreshing drink or have a small meal.


Library and Study Spaces

library browsing

Trident Tech's libraries have the resources you need to excel, including staff members who can help find invaluable sources for research papers and other class assignments. Need a quiet place to study? You will find plenty of spaces on all of our campuses. If you are working with a study group or other students, we have rooms where you can collaborate. 

Fitness Center


Students at Trident Tech can get their bodies moving and blood pumping with free membership at the InterTech Group Wellness Center. The center offers a weight room, treadmills, resistance machines, locker rooms, group exercise room and more.



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Upcoming Events


Learn about the college and how to become a Trident Tech student at a Virtual Open House