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University Transfer Advising

Congratulations on deciding to earn another degree after completing your first two years of college at TTC.  Planning ahead is essential to help you minimize the time and cost of your college journey. This guide will help you choose classes that will not only fulfill your program requirements at TTC, but will apply to your final degree and major at your transfer college. 

0-30 credit hours
Complete your first year, working with your success coach (formerly navigator), to successfully fulfill requirements for the equivalent of your "freshman" year of college.

Why now?

Transfer advising allows you to determine which classes you need to take now, at TTC, to ensure seamless transition to your transfer college. You will need to be proactive in this process, since you have to identify your intended program of study (i.e., major) and transfer college.

Doing so will not only save you time, but it will also save you money. Calculate your savings with the Palmetto Calculator

What YOU do Resources at TTC
STEP 1: Know your major. Use the Career Explorer in Navigate.
STEP 2 Identify your potential transfer college.  Explore whether your potential transfer college offers the major that you identified in STEP 1. 
STEP 3 Identify the requirements of your transfer college. Remember that your goal is to take the same courses at TTC that you would enroll in during your first two years at your potential transfer college. Use General Education Requirements to find a path for your first two years of college at TTC. Don’t know your transfer college yet?

Use the Pathways Guide for your intended major until you have chosen a transfer college.

STEP 4 Make an appointment with your success coach (formerly navigator.) Your Success Team in Navigate

31-45 credit hours
Students enrolled in the University Transfer programs will be transferred from a success coach (formerly navigator) to a faculty advisor after they complete 30 credits. This is the first semester of your “sophomore” year in college.

Why now?

You have completed your first year, and are looking toward your second year of college. This is the perfect time to assess your progress and your future plans, as well as make sure that nothing has changed at your preferred transfer college.

What YOU do Resources at TTC
STEP 1: Schedule an appointment with your Faculty Advisor. Schedule an appointment with your Faculty Advisor in Navigate.
STEP 2 Prepare for your appointment. Prepare for your appointment by reviewing the General Education Requirements and selecting potential courses for the academic year.
STEP 3 Review transfer policies at your transfer college, such as application deadlines, GPA requirements, etc. Review the transfer policies at your transfer college. Jot down questions for your Faculty Advisor.

46-60 credit hours
You’re almost ready to graduate from TTC and move on to your transfer college. This is the second semester of your “sophomore” year, and should be your final year in your associate degree program.

Why now?

You’re almost ready to finish your degree at TTC and begin work on your bachelor degree at your transfer college. Check in with your advisor one more time. Schedule early so you have a wider variety of course options and don’t miss important deadlines.

What YOU do Resources at TTC
STEP 1: Schedule an appointment with your Faculty Advisor. Schedule an appointment with your Faculty Advisor in Navigate.
STEP 2 Apply for graduation. TTC Graduation Information - Learn more about graduation.