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Learning Objects

The library at TTC provides educational resources to faculty, students and alumni of the college.

Use the short videos linked below to help improve your grades for a variety of subjects and courses.

Note-Taking Techniques
Strategies for Student Success
Time Management

GPA Calculation
Test Anxiety
Top 10 Test-Taking Tips

Critical Reading (How to read a text critically)
English Grammar: The Most Common Sentence Structure Problems and Solutions
English Grammar: Solutions to Common Problems with Pronouns
Plagiarism: Identifying and Avoiding Plagiarism
Proofreading: Step Three of the Writing Process
Proofreading 01: Writing A First Draft of a College Paper
Proofreading 02: Revising/Editing A Draft of a College Paper
The Fundamentals of Writing an Essay

College-Level Algebra: Working with Logarithms and Exponentials
College-Level Algebra: Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring
College-Level Trigonometry: The Unit Circle
Classical and Empirical Probabilities
Economics: Supply and Demand Models
Fractions: Adding, Simplifying and Subtracting Fractions
Polynomial Functions – Zeros and Multiplicities
Probability Events: Independent, Dependent and Multiplication Rule
Simultaneous Equations: How to Recognize and Solve Simultaneous Equations
Trigonometric Identities
Unit Conversions: Using Ratios to Represent Relationships

Financial Statements Part One: Income Statement
Financial Statements Part Two: Owner's Equity
Financial Statements Part Three: Balance Sheet

Body Fluid: The Movement of Fluid in the Body and Its Manifestations
The Delivery of Prenatal Care: First Trimester
The Delivery of Prenatal Care: Second Trimester
The Delivery of Prenatal Care: Third Trimester
Focusing the Microscope: The Standard Laboratory Compound Light Microscope
Oil Immersion Use and Cleanup: The Standard Laboratory Compound Light Microscope
Antibiotics: Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs
Antibiotics: Bacterial Cell Wall
Antibiotics: The Cell Membrane
Antibiotics: Inhibiting DNA Replication 
Antibiotics: Inhibiting DNA Transcription
Antibiotics: Inhibit Metabolism
Antibiotics: Protein Translation Inhibition

Architecture and Engineering Scale: Using Scale to Read Plan Drawings
How to Find Books in an Academic Library
Research Methods: Understanding Experimental Design
Solvent Welding PVC and Repair
Surveying Slopes and Elevation