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Program Eligibility Requirements:

Prior to applying, please review TRiO TSP's student program requirements to determine student and family eligibility for the program. If you have any questions regarding student commitments and/or eligibility requirements, contact our office.

Student Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for this program, you must meet the following requirements.

  • Submit a completed TRiO TSP application
  • Attend one of our target schools
  • Youths and adults between the ages of 11 and 27 who meet certain federal income guidelines
  • Potential first-generation college graduates (neither parent/guardian has graduated from a four-year college)
  • Show interest in pursuing a post-secondary beyond high school
  • Agrees to participate in program activities and services


Sylvia H. Gilliard
Director, Talent Search
Berkeley Campus
Room: 6100/186 L
Phone: 843-899-8022
Fax: 843-899-8081

Craig Bryant
Student Services Program Coordinator
Berkeley Campus
Room: 6100/106
Phone: 843-899-8017
Fax: 843-899-8080

Vanessa Speights
Administrative Specialist
Berkeley Campus
Room: 6100/186 K
Phone: 843-899-8085
Fax: 843-899-8081

Michelle McClennon
Student Services Program Coordinator
Berkeley Campus
Room: 6100/186 C
Phone: 843-899-8015
Fax: 843-899-8080

Talent Search Application (English)

Talent Search Application (Spanish)