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Verification Policy

What is Verification?

Trident Technical College is required to verify certain information provided by a student/parent (if dependent) on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Applications requiring review are flagged by the US Department of Education. The Department of Education typically selects about one-third of the FAFSAs submitted for verification. In addition, TTC has the authority to select and verify if the FAFSA has incorrect or conflicting information. [34 CFR 668.54(a)(3)]; [34 CFR 668.16(f)]. Students selected for verification must submit the required documentation in order to determine their financial aid eligibility for federal grants, state grants and federal student loans. Failure to submit required documentation will result in a delay of awarding. 

 Verification Documents Required

Student selected for verification will receive a tailored email that details what information and documentation must be submitted to the Financial Aid office. In addition, students can view the required documents on Financial Aid Self-Service under Required Documents in the my.tridenttech.edu portal. Typically, students must submit:

  • A verification worksheet
  • IRS tax return transcripts directly from the IRS or use of the IRS Data Retrieval Tool at FAFSA.gov
  • W2s if student and/or parent worked but did not file
  • Additional documents may be requested if conflicting information exists. 

Student can submit the forms in person or at any one of TTC's four locations, via fax, email and standard mail. 

Student Notification

Students will be notified via their my.tridenttech email concerning verification requirements. In addition, students will have the ability to view required information for verification on Financial Aid Self-Service. If any missing information or corrections are needed after the original submittal, students will be notified via their Trident Tech email and can also view the missing information required in Financial Aid Self-Service. The processing time for verification can take up to four weeks. Upon completion of verification, students will be notified via their my.tridenttech email. Typically, upon verification completion, an award change could happen. Students' expected family contribution (EFC) could increase, decrease or remain the same. A change in EFC could have an effect on federal/state grant eligibility and student loans.   ​

Deadlines to Submit Verification Documentation

Trident Technical College will accept verification documents up to the last day of the awarding period for the academic year. The last day to submit material to the Financial Aid office will be the last day of class in summer. Students who do not submit verification will not be awarded federal/state grants and federal student loans.​