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Employers across the nation and the Lowcountry report an increasingly difficult time in filling middle-skill (technical training) jobs. In South Carolina, where 53 percent of all jobs require middle-skill training, there is a severe lack of properly trained workers. As more workers retire, the trend is growing.

To help address this issue, Trident Technical College’s Apprenticeship office partners with local employers who are interested in starting registered apprenticeships with the United States Department of Labor. Through that partnership we can train the next generation of skilled workers.

What is a Registered Apprenticeship?  A registered apprenticeship is an employer-sponsored flexible training program that cultivates highly skilled workers who meet the workforce demands of a competitive global economy.                                          

What Makes Apprenticeship Training Different?    An apprenticeship differs from the traditional education model in that it is a structured training program involving a combination of classroom instruction and paid on-the-job learning that is done simultaneously.                               

Charleston Area Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CAJAC)

The Charleston Area Joint Apprenticeship Committee (CAJAC) is a consortium of industry and sector partners to establish apprenticeships that can be developed to meet the tri-county region’s long-term training needs. For more information on this initiative, click here.

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Director of Apprenticeship Programs

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