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High School Students

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Get a smart start on your college education!

TTC offers eligible high school students a unique opportunity to get an early start on their college career. Qualified high school students will be able to take college courses through TTC and possibly receive high school credit for these courses. We offer two types of dual enrollment programs for high school students:

  • Dual Credit, which enables students to earn both high school and college credit by successfully completing college courses
  • Early Admit, which enables students to earn college credit that does not count towards high school graduation

To find out more about getting a Smart Start on your college education, contact your guidance counselor or:

Melissa Stowasser
Director of High School Programs

Patti Gramling
Assistant Director of High School Programs

Tanisha Hook
Administrative Assistant, High School Programs

High School Programs Fax: 843.574.6489

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Dual Enrollment?    

Studies suggest that students who receive college credit while still in high school have a higher likelihood of graduating from high school, are more likely to continue their education after high school, and have more success during their first official year of college than their peers. Dual enrollment programs can significantly reduce the time and cost required to pursue post-secondary education, because students enroll early in courses that will be directly applied to their college transcripts.

Why Early Admit?    

Taking college courses while still in high school has lots of benefits. Not only can students get a head start on their college careers, but they may also transition from high school to college more easily. Taking classes at Trident Technical College is also an affordable way to begin your college career.

For more information on our programs, please click the appropriate link listed for the program that you are interested in.