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Keeping Your Financial Aid

Things to keep in mind:

  • The Financial Aid office communicates with you via your my.tridenttech.edu email (NOT D2L email; D2L email is only for academic classes). Check your email regularly for notices from the Financial Aid office.

  • If you withdraw from all of your classes or stop attending before the 60 percent date for the term, you may owe funds to the college or Department of Education. Visit Financial Aid and Withdrawing from All Classes for details.

  • To be eligible for financial aid funds at Trident Technical College, you must make satisfactory academic progress toward your academic program. Satisfactory Academic Progress is a condition for continued financial aid eligibility and is measured at the end of each semester by the following factors (click here for Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy document in the portal):

    • Grade Point Average (GPA) - You must maintain a 2.0 cumulative TTC* grade point average (GPA). *TTC GPA does not include grades of transfer courses. 

    • Pass Rate - You must pass at least 67% (not rounded) of all cumulative hours attempted. This number is called your Pass Rate. Passing means a grade of A, B, C, or D and credit hours earned. Grades of F, I, W, U, and AU do not count as passing. All transfer hours accepted at TTC count in both attempted and completed hours for Pass Rate. The grades for these courses do not transfer in and are not included in your cumulative TTC GPA (see above).

      To calculate your Pass Rate: Divide the number of Cumulative Completed Hours by the number of Cumulative Attempted Hours.

      Example 1: 6 cumulative hrs. completed ÷ 14 cumulative hrs. attempted = .4286 or 42.86% (below requirement)
      Example 2: 45 cumulative hrs. completed ÷ 67 cumulative hrs. attempted =.6716 or 67.16% (meets requirement)
      Example 3: 20 cumulative hrs. completed ÷ 30 cumulative hrs. attempted = .6667 or 66.67% (below requirement)

    • Maximum Hours* - For each FA-eligible program of study, TTC must set the maximum number of hours for which you are eligible to receive federal student aid. The maximum “length of eligibility” allowed is 150% of the credit hours required for your program. If you have declared more than one program of study, the Maximum Hours rules will be applied to the program with the highest number of required credit hours


      Program Examples Program Type Required Hours for Graduation  Maximum Hours for SAP
      Nursing Associate 60


      Hospitality & Tourism Magement Associate 69


      Aircraft Maintenance Technology Associate 92


      Avionics Maintenance Technology Certificate 40


      Practical Nursing Diploma 46


      *Maximum Hours will be officially evaluated for Fall 2016 after summer grades are posted.
  • You will know your SAP status at the end of the semester. The Financial Aid office will email your status to your my.tridenttech.edu student email account. Remember, staying on top of financial aid communication is key to keeping your financial aid.

  • Financial aid awards cannot pay for:

    • Audited course
    • Credit hours earned through advanced placement or challenge testing
    • Non-credit coursework
  • Your financial aid status for Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) is either satisfactory, warning or probation. If you do not meet Standards of Academic Progress (SAP) for two semesters in a row, your financial aid status moves to “Probation” and you will be ineligible for federal financial aid awards. There is an online appeal process for financial aid probation at my.tridenttech.edu.

  • Complete your share of the financial aid process each semester during the published Action Period. You must COMPLETE – not just begin – by the end of the Action Period. What do we mean by “your share”? You need to submit and complete the FAFSA (TTC’s school code is 004920). Complete any loan requirements. You must also complete financial aid verification. Until you do these things, we cannot complete our share of the process. If you have not completed your share during the Action Period, you run the risk that we will not have enough time to have your financial aid funds in place in time to start the semester. Click here for important dates.

  • New students must submit a TTC admission application and complete the admission process. TTC does not download your completed FAFSA until you have been admitted to the college. Readmit students should complete and submit their update forms.

  • Class attendance is key to receiving and keeping your financial aid. Students must attend class, starting the first day of the term. For online courses, you must log in the first day of the term, initiate communication with your instructor, and be actively engaged in an academic assignment to be counted as having attended. If you do not attend class:

    • You will be reported as never-attended.

    • You will be removed from the class roster.

    • You will not be allowed to re-enroll.

    • Your financial aid will be reduced.

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