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The BRIDGE component offers our graduated high school senior students the opportunity to get their feet wet for college by taking two courses at Trident Technical College during the summer following their graduation. The credits from these courses are transferable to the institution of their choice.

BRIDGE students represent a most important goal of our program -- to ensure that our participants enter college with an attitude toward successful completion of their college studies. During the BRIDGE component, students take two courses in math and science, if appropriate, or in other academic areas. Students earn six or seven credit hours that transfer to the college they have chosen. During our BRIDGE program, UBMSC provides tutoring services (if needed), college counseling and all fees, tuition, and supplies for the two courses.

Also, BRIDGE participants who take their courses at Trident Technical College will be issued a laptop computer to help them in completing their studies successfully. Students who maintain a cumulative 3.0 GPA will be allowed to keep their computers!