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Campaign Leadership



Melicent Middlebrook
Dept. Head, Business

Melicent Middlebrook"Students educate and inspire me with their energy, perseverance and determination. The obstacles many have overcome and work through in the midst of getting an education speaks volumes for their dedication."    

Evan Reich
College Registrar

Evan Reich
"My goal is to help students accelerate their educational journey by providing them with the information and tools they need to be successful. I am inspired by their drive and focus on the ultimate end-result: graduation."


Admissions/Registrar's Office

Elbert Jefferson


Becky LeVasseur

"I accelerate through my work in the print shop. 'No buts, no cuts, no coconuts!'" (Big Bang Theory)

Behavioral & Social Sciences/Humanities Admin.

Michelle Caya

"Students inspire me to meet the high standards that they set for themselves as they take advantage of the educational opportunities available at TTC."

Berkeley Campus - Staff

Yolanda Bland

Berkeley Campus - Faculty

Lorene Coward

Bookstore/Human Resources

Fariba Ebrahimi

Business Technology

Carmela Gordon 

"Students inspire me by continuing to strive to reach their goals. Their dedication and determination inspires me to keep doing what I love to do."

Community, Family & Child Studies/Law-Related Studies

Greg Whitaker

Continuing Education

Stanley Johnson

Culinary, Hospitality and Tourism

Blake Hallman

Student Services/Student Development/Student Activities/Counseling & Disability Services/Educational Opportunity Programs

Terrance Johnson

The Learning Center/Aeronautical Studies

Randy Conklin

"I educate my students to be better prepared for career challenges than I was."

English, Speech & Journalism

John Hyatt

Facilities Management

Scott Henning

"Students inspire me because they enroll here as first-timers and are already so motivated."

Film, Media and Visual Arts

Richard Dooley

Finance, Procurement & Risk Services

Cheryl Martin

"Life doesn't give us chances...life is our chance to give!" (Tom Wilson, Ziggy)

Health Sciences

Nadine Hanner

"I share my personal experiences and the challenges encountered in my own educational journey in hopes of inspiring students to move forward and achieve their highest goals."

Industrial Engineering Technology

Sylvia Blake

Information Technology (Info Tech Services, Tech Training Ctr, System & Operation Services, Web Services)

John Singleton

"I accelerate by increasing the efficiency and productivity of the tools used by faculty, staff and students thorough the development of new and improved processes."

IT Services

Gary Hurst

Learning Resources/Academic Affairs Admin.

Tom Fitzmaurice

"Students inspire me through their hard work and persistence in their studies, despite all of the responsibilities they are juggling, such as family, jobs and scarce finances."

Math/Math and Sciences Admin.

Aileen Solomon

Mount Pleasant Campus

Wilson Gautreaux

"Students overcome so many hurdles and make sacrifices to learn. Giving accelerates students' learning by providing them with scholarships, which are so needed."


Maureen Baur

Palmer Campus - Faculty

Maureen Whitehurst

Palmer Campus - Staff

Faith Mouzon

President's Office/Development/Institutional Research

Letticia Ramlal-Lamble

"Giving inspires me because students who are unable to afford an education will benefit. I was once a student here and received scholarships and am truly grateful."

Public Safety

Alyssa Bodison


Melanie Gouzoules

Student Engagement/Recruitment/Student Employment/Orientation/Testing/The Hub

Ken Sineath

"I am never too busy for you and ensuring your success."