2018-2019 Catalog

Business Information Systems

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Certificate in Applied Science

24 Credit Hours

This certificate program provides a broad overview of software, database management and application packages. Emphasis is placed on information systems used in the business environment. Students gain general competency in using microcomputers for management and decision making.

Major Requirements

BUS 210 Introduction to e-Commerce in Business 3
CPT 102 Basic Computer Concepts 3
CPT 172 Microcomputer Database 3
CPT 174 Microcomputer Spreadsheets 3
CPT 179 Microcomputer Word Processing 3
CPT 270 Advanced Microcomputer Applications 3
MGT 230 Managing Information Resources 3
MGT 240 Management Decision Making 3

Total:   24

Admission Requirements

Admission into this program requires proof of high school graduation (or GED) and qualifying scores on SAT, ACT or the TTC placement test.