Teacher Recertification

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  • This plan is for teachers currently employed by a South Carolina public school district who are eligible to take noncredit continuing education courses for part of their recertification requirements. For detailed information or clarification of S.C. Teacher Recertification requirements, particularly if you are not currently employed by a South Carolina public school district, call the State Teacher Recertification Hotline at 877.885.5280 weekdays after 1 p.m.

  • A portion of an eligible teacher’s education hour requirements may be taken via noncredit continuing education courses. These CE courses meet Options 6 and/or 10 requirements of the Teacher Renewal Plan. (60 noncredit continuing education instructional hours allowed)

  • Prior to enrolling in a course, eligible teachers should get approval from their principal or staff development official.

  • Self-documentation of hours of study for the State Teacher Recertification office is the student’s responsibility.

  • Course Format

These CE courses are available on the Internet. They will enhance your organizational leadership, language and computer technology skills. These online courses are especially convenient as they each offer 24 instructional hours toward the maximum 60 noncredit CE instructional hours allowed. Most are instructor-led and self-paced, available on the Internet 24/7. Please visit www.ed2go.com/trident and click on Teaching and Education for more details on courses for teaching professionals. Online courses are offered in a variety of teacher-relevant topics.


The State of S.C. Teacher Re-certification policies have just been revised so that teachers who are not currently employed with a S.C. Public School District may now take continuing education courses, classroom and online and submit the completed course and its continuing education hours/CEUs towards their recertification. Courses must be enrolled through TTC Continuing Education rather than through TTC Express online. Hours are self-documented and a transcript must be submitted to the State Recertification Office for approval. Continuing Education transcripts may be requested through our registration department at 843.574.6152 or by email cetrans@tridenttech.edu.


Teachers are now eligible for graduate credits for selected online courses, even if they are not currently employed by a public school district.

Education to Go has partnered with Madonna University, fully accredited by both the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. Each online Education To Go class is 24 contact hours of training, and 15 contact hours are needed to earn one graduate credit. Therefore, one online course earns one academic credit. The nine remaining contact hours can be applied to a future course, if you choose to do so. You may earn one graduate credit for every 15 online contact hours for completing the course and writing a paper describing how you might apply the knowledge on the job. These credits are non-degree graduate credits, which are designed to be used to satisfy the requirements of certificate renewal and salary increase.

Cost is $150 per semester hour plus the cost of the online course. Visit www.ed2go.com/trident or call 843.574.6683 for more information. 

These courses are for teachers currently certified and seeking renewal hours for re-certification. For those currently employed with a Public School District, prior acknowledgement / approval by the Principal or Staff Development Officer to assure course relevancy is preferred.

Option 3 teachers must enroll through TTC Continuing Education Registration and have a TTC transcript accompanying proof of completion for credit to be given by the State Of S.C. Teacher Recertification office.

Location: Courses are offered online only.

Additional Costs: Individual courses whether classroom or online have varying costs and textbook requirements.

For further information, please contact Steve Price at 843.574.6683