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Expand your horizons with fun and educational classes.

Some of these classes may even lead you into an exciting new career. Meet and network with those sharing common goals as you while learning a new skill.


Location Key: BC=Berkeley Campus; MP=Mount Pleasant Campus; OS=Offsite; PC=Palmer Campus; TC=Thornley Campus

Days of the Week Key: M=Monday; Tu=Tuesday; W=Wednesday; Th=Thursday; F=Friday; Sa=Saturday; Su=Sunday

Flight School

So you want to learn to fly? This course provides you with a first step in exploring how/if you’d like to pursue it further. It’s a dose of real flight preparation from the overview in Session 1 to, if you choose, an actual flight simulator lab at CRAFT, Inc. in Session 3 and on towards getting your license. Guest speakers talk on real-world decision-making situations. Topics covered include: Aerodynamics 101, Regulations (FARs) 101, Weather 101, Attitude 401, Aptitude 401 (your end goal) and how flying positively impacts every portion of your professional life. Included in the Session 3 lab is five minutes of simulator flight preflight briefings; 50 minutes of actual full-motion flight with a FAA-certified instructor pilot; and five minutes of administrative debriefing.


NOTE: If you click on "VIEW COURSE DETAILS" and do not see the class listed, then the course is not currently being offered or it has already reached its capacity and no more seats are available. You can call the registration office at 843.574.6152 and ask to be put on a waiting list.

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Pet Emergency Care
Learn the basics of emergency care and first aid for your pet and know what to do in different critical scenarios: choking, CPR, heat stroke, eye injuries, fractures, cuts, and even hypothermia. Register Now >>