Contractors Exam Preparation Course

Finding the Right Book for your Contractors Exam Preparation Course

There is a varied list of possible reference and study materials associated with the exam preparation courses included in the bulleted list below. A list of books, an examination content outline and reference material used to create the examinations are available on the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR) website. You may download a PSI Candidate Information Bulletin directly from the website at   

Once on the LLR website, float over the blue navigation bar under Professional Licensing Boards and select Contractor’s Licensing.

From the South Carolina Contractors Licensing board page, under Licensure Information, located on the left hand side, select Application and Forms. Under General and Mechanical Forms, select PSI Candidate Information Bulletins.

Search, and purchase your books early. Some of the reference materials can be purchased individually and upon availability at our campus book store or Online Book Store. You may also, type the course title in your browser to buy books offered by online vendors. Reference materials and books can be purchased as bundles by various online vendors.

Exam Preparation Courses:

XBCT-503        Residential Builders Exam Preparation Course

XBCT-504        Limited General Contractor Exam Preparation Course

XBCT-505        Licensed Electrical Contractor Exam Preparation Course