2023-2024 Catalog

Welding Gas Tungsten Arc

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Certificate in Applied Science

26 Credit Hours

This certificate teaches beginning and intermediate welding students the principles and practices of gas tungsten arc welding carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel sheet metal, plate and tubing.

Major Requirements

WLD 110 Welding Safety and Health 1
WLD 127 Structural Blueprints I 3
WLD 132 Inert Gas Welding Ferrous 4
WLD 133 Inert Gas Welding Ferrous Tubing 1
WLD 137 Inert Gas Welding Aluminum Tubing 1
WLD 141 Weld Quality 2
WLD 152 Tungsten Arc Welding 4
WLD 201 Welding Metallurgy 2
WLD 203 Structural Blueprints II 2
WLD 228 Inert Gas Welding Pipe I 4
WLD 229 Inert Gas Welding Pipe II 2

Total:   26


Admission Requirements

Students who are at least 18 years old and have acceptable scores from the SAT, ACT or placement test can be admitted into this program without a high school diploma or GED.