2023-2024 Catalog

General Technology - Avionics Maintenance Technology

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Associate in Applied Science

68 Credit Hours

This program allows students to select course work necessary to become multi-skilled technicians in the field of avionics maintenance. All students develop skills that include installation and maintenance of aviation electrical and electronic systems needed to keep aircraft flying safely. In addition, students choose a secondary specialty focused either on aircraft assembly or aircraft maintenance.

General Education Core Requirements

ENG 101 English Composition I 3
IDS 109 First Year Experience Seminar 3

REQ HUM Select from Humanities 3
REQ MAT Select from Mathematics/Natural Sciences 3
REQ SSC Select from Behavioral/Social Sciences 3

Total:   15

Primary Technical Specialty

AVT 101 Basic Electricity for Avionics 4
AVT 105 Aircraft Electricity for Avionics 4
AVT 110 Aircraft Electronic Circuits 4
AVT 115 Aircraft Digital Circuits 3
AVT 120 Aviation Electronic Communications 4
AVT 125 Aviation Data Communications 3
AVT 140 Avionics Standard Practices 3
AVT 145 Avionics Circuit Repair 3
AVT 150 Aircraft Navigation Systems 3
AVT 155 Aircraft Pulse Systems 3
AVT 160 Aircraft Radar Systems 3
AVT 165 Avionics General Regulations 2
AVT 170 Avionics Program and Test Review 1

Total:   40

Secondary Technical Specialty - Option One Aircraft Maintenance

These are suggested courses;  Other courses may be substituted from other primary technical specialties.  See your program advisor.

ACM 101 General Regulations 2
ACM 102 Aviation Sciences 3
ACM 110 Aircraft Drawings 1
ACM 115 Ground Handling and Servicing 3
ACM 120 Materials and Corrosion Control 4

Total:   13

Secondary Technical Specialty - Option Two Aircraft Assembly

AMF 109 Aircraft Materials and Hand Tools 3
AMF 110 Corrosion Control and Sealing Applications 2
AMF 132 Aircraft Sheet Metal Assembly 3
AMF 137 Aircraft Composite Structures 3
AMF 142 Airframe Auxiliary Systems 2

Total:   13

Admission Requirements

Admission into this program requires proof of high school graduation (or GED) and qualifying placement levels.